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Established in 1920 and online since 1990, we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.  Meaning that we are able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent.

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Support and Technical Assistance:  The HOYA Foundation provides support services and technical assistance for small, women owned and minority owned businesses.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity and the support to achieve the American dream of owning and successfully running their own business.  With the support and education that the HOYA Foundation provides, that business is more likely to become a sustainable and successful business.

The HOYA Program is a program that is focused on helping the medium sized business grow to the next level.  This program was the beginning of the HOYA Foundation.

HOYA Program:  The HOYA Program provides mentoring that is direct and results oriented.  One individual said, "The direct and honest feedback ignited creative thinking, some deep "soul searching" and a re-evaluation of my standards."    

Over five months, the HOYA Program develops a personalized approach for each individual.  The customized plan targets the areas that will help your company move to the next level.  Past topics have included:  goal setting, leadership, conflict resolution, self-assessment, strengths and weaknesses employee management, financial management, safety, marketing, strategic planning, certification, payroll, insurance, community involvement, legal issues, sales, joint ventures, and exit strategies, ...to name a few.  

Participants begin with a self assessment tool - the Disc Profile.  Through this computer profile, individuals get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.  HOYA mentors meet with each participant for 2 hours each month. Email and telephone support is also available between mentoring sessions.

HOYA is the Hopi word for a dance that means to "ready to fly off next".
Services that provide bottom-line growth for small business
Strategic Planning and Facilitation:  We help companies and organizations identify core issues and develop strategies to address those key concerns.  Through assessments, coaching, surveys and team exercises, we help define the most effective path for an organization or individual.  

We help:

Clarify vision 

Define strategy 

Make key decisions 

Set priorities

Establish action plans

Manage change 

Build more cohesive teams

“Thank you for facilitating our Board Retreat. You made the retreat productive and fun. You kept us focused on our priorities, so that we left with solid steps that will profoundly affect the future of our organization. We are a stronger organization after working you.”   
         Jose Amaya, Board President, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado 

"We grew by 428%.  The Hoya coaches asked questions we didn’t know we had.  They helped us implement systems and make critical strategic decisions.  We know our growth is because of the HOYA Program."

Donna Johnson,
Atomic Air